ASG works in conjunction with the client orchestrating changes to provide project-planning services that best suit the client’s needs.

Our processes include:

• Initiating the Project according to the client’s needs including Bid Packages

• Planning the process of the Project including a realistic schedule

• Executing and managing the Project including communicating with other trades

• Completing the Project including follow-up inspections

The desks were delivered in great condition and set up. I would like to provide feedback on the gentlemen who did the delivery and set up. Not only were they very friendly, fast and knowledgeable about the desks, they were also extremely helpful. Fantastic customer service. I wish I would have gotten their names. They were so good. They even helped move a couple things around to fit the desks.
Good Job and I was working on something as well. Will share if it is a success. Spoke to Bob today and he was happy with your team especially with Nilesh. Do let him know.
I really appreciated Jeff calling me first … . In the end the client received what they paid for; but, more importantly they received excellent customer service! This is the true key factor in building repeat business! I want to again personally thank and recognize Jeff for his outstanding customer service and a job well done!
I wished to express we ran into some difficulties today with the furniture delivery as the elevator was down. I do apologize for the inconvenience this posed on your installers, who I might add did a fantastic job of adapting to the situation.
Thanks so much for your work on CBRE North Wall project and making it happen. It was very much appreciated for this client!
Sue B.,